Supervised Visitation / Safe Exchange Program

Supervised Visitation


Supervised visitation allows parents in high conflict or high-risk situations access to their children in a safe and supervised environment. The noncustodial parent has access to the child only when supervised by qualified and professional adults. This also includes cases where there may be a protective order put in place.

Community Intervention offers these services at both of our locations. We also have family activities that may include horseback riding, swimming, cultural activities around the community.

Please see below or contact our office for more information.



We try to keep our costs low so that families are able to enjoy being together. With that being said, we will try to work with any family’s budget so that they can enjoy the time with their kids.

Assessment Fee: $40.00

(This fee is for one family and can be based on a sliding fee scale if a family is in financial crisis)

Cost for Visits: $35.00/hour


Weekend Costs: $35.00/hour

From the hours 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM

After 3:00pm is $45.00 per hour.

Cost for Sunday: $35.00 per hour

*Fees are subject to change*

*We assume the visiting parent is paying for services, however, if there have been other arrangements made between the guardian and visiting parent, we would need to be informed of that when the initial assessment is being set up*

Methods of payment

We accept Cash, Card, ATM, or check.

Visiting Hours

Monday - Wednesday: 10:00am to 5:00pm

Tuesday & Thursday: 10:00am to 7:00pm

Friday: 10:00am to 5:00pm

Saturday: 9:00am to 2:00pm

Saturday after 2pm: 2:30 to 7:30 (Must make prior 2 week arrangements if going past 5:00pm).

Sunday: 11:00am to 5:00pm

*Times involving our therapist, will require special times and days. *

We do our best to try to work around both the guardian and the visiting parents for the sake of the children. We are flexible with our schedule if there is a unique situation where the times listed do not work. We can travel to surrounding counties, for additional costs.

Off-Site Visits

Any off-site visits have to be approved two weeks prior.  There is an additional cost depending on how far out the staff has to travel.  If for some reason there is a need to request a home visit at the guardian's home, we must have written permission from the court or the legal guardian.  There is an additional fee for any home visits.

We have partnered with the following locations to ensure the safety of the child or children. Depending on the circumstances, we can go to any of the areas listed. If the visiting parent wants to go someplace else, you would need to get prior approval.

  • CHILDRENS Museum
  • Carmike Cinema Hanes Mall Blvd
  • The Grand Theater University Parkway
  • The Science Center Hanes Mill Road
  • Bounce " North Point Blvd"

We do our best to try to work around both the guardian and the visiting parents for the sake of the children. We are flexible with our schedule if there is a unique situation.


We have three large rooms, once exclusively for supervision. We also have an area outside our office that we use as a picnic area. We have snack and drink machines, a baby changing table, access to TV, movies, games, and art activities. If there is a special toy or WII, or game for Play station, you can certainly bring it.


We have cameras inside of our building and inside our rooms. They do have voice recording capability and can be used at our discretion. We have the pleasure of being inside the WSPD community service building, so we can alert them if any concerns come up. At times, we ask a plainclothes officer to be present at some of the visits on and offsite.

Our staff is CPR trained and certified


In addition to safety, we do keep notes on how the child (ren) is engaging with the visiting parent or guardian.

Additional Types of Supervision

Some cases require a child (ren) to have a therapist to help gauge the visit. If that is needed, please let us know so that we can request our Child Trauma Therapist.

Please see the attached rules and regulations for visiting:

Visitation Rules

Supervised Exchange

Supervision of the transfer of the child(ren) from one parent to the other, limited to the actual transfer with the remainder of the visit unsupervised. It works similar to that of our Supervised Visit program and that the focus and goal is to make sure that the child or children are safe during the interaction.

The process will work the same as you will be asked a number of questions to determine a schedule of availability. A short intake questionnaire will be given to help our staff set up the most positive and nurturing way to safely make the exchange with the child(ren). We will coordinate with the custodial parent and the Supervised Visit Specialist to find a time that works for everyone.

The Exchange does take place at our office at: 1225 East 5 th Street, WS NC 27101. Which does have cameras inside and out as well as immediate access to the police department.

Cost for the Exchange Program

Monthly fee $45.00

*Fees are subject to change*

Days and Times for the Exchange program

Exchanges are scheduled between the following:
Monday, Wednesday and Friday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
Tuesday and Thursday 9:00 am to 7:00 pm
Saturday 9:00am to 3:00pm
Sunday: Subject to availability

Refusal of Services

The Center has the right to refuse and/or terminate visitation or exchange at any time. The Center will not accept a case if reasonable safety for all family and staff members cannot be ensured. If families do not comply with stated terms and conditions, the Center reserves the right to terminate services.

You may contact our office for more information at (336) 776- 0322.