Substance Abuse Treatment

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, the abuse of illicit drugs and alcohol results in more than $600 billion each year in costs associated with healthcare, lost productivity and crime. Getting the help you need when it seems that alcohol or drugs have taken over your life or the life of someone close to you. The first step in obtaining help is recognizing that it is needed.

Our substance classes are conducted either in group setting or individually. They both are conducted by a licensed clinical addiction and substance abuse specialist. We accept both court ordered clients, self referred or referred from an outside agency.

Our agency uses the SASSI a self-report screening instrument for substance dependency. Objective decision rules classify individuals as chemically dependent or as not chemically dependent. It is especially effective in identifying early-stage chemically dependent individuals who are either in denial or who are trying to conceal their chemical dependency. In addition to being used as a screening instrument, the SASSI also provides clinical insights into a respondent’s defensiveness, as well as other characteristics.


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