The COOL Program - Domestic Violence Intervention

We offer a state-approved psyco- an educational program that focuses on challenging beliefs about relationships and domestic violence. We believe that violence is taught, not something you are born with. Therefore, we believe people can change for the better of their families and partners. This program is designed for 26 weeks, because violent behaviors are learned over a long period of time. So, it takes some time to unlearn these behaviors as well.

This program doesn't just discuss physical abuse, but emotional abuse as well. We all come from different backgrounds, and therefore have been exposed to many different ways in how we engage in relationships with our partners, children, and families. Our goal is not to teach people how to behave, but to challenge themselves in what they have been taught, especially if it has lead to violence and emotional abuse.

Domestic Violence is not to get confused with Anger Management. Anger is a valid emotion, but it's how that anger is expressed that leads to violence and abuse. For example, I can be angry at my boss but I know that if I act out physically there are consequences. However, would I act the same with my partner? We tend to think of Anger Management as dealing with people who are not intimately involved emotionally and physically, so our Anger Management Program is quite different from our Domestic Violence program.

We offer courses both in-person and virtually, for both men, women, and Spanish Speaking clients.


Fee Schedule:

*Due to COVID, we have reduced our fees so that clients who have lost their jobs or income due to COVID-19. Please contact our office for more details. *

Intake Fee $40.00
Class session $20.00 per class
*Prices subject to change*



TUESDAY - 6:00pm to 7:30pm

THURSDAY - 10:00AM to 11:30AM

THURSDAY - 6:00PM to 7:30PM

SATURDAY - 11:00am to 12:30pm



WEDNESDAY - 6:00pm to 7:30pm

SUNDAY - 4:00pm to 5:30pm

*Virtual Times subject to change*


THURSDAY - 5:30 PM to 7:00 PM

SATURDAY - 9:30AM to 11:00am



SATURDAY - 9:30am to 11:00am


Available online. Please contact the office for details.

What is the difference between anger management and domestic violence?

Anger is an emotion, domestic violence is about power and control.

Why is the program 26 weeks?

Community Intervention & Educational Services offers a 26-week state-approved program, administered by the state of NC to those individuals who need or would like to take a psyco-educational domestic intervention program. The program is designed to address power and control dynamics in our close relationships. Those relationships can include dating, family marital, or extended family relationships.  Our program focuses on using the power and control and equality wheel through the Duluth Domestic Violence Project. Regardless of how or why you want to engage in this educational course, the investment is worth taking the time to enhance yourself and hopefully the dynamics of your close relationships. We always tell our clients, you can't change someone else, but you can change yourself and make future decisions that are healthy and safe for all.

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An illustration outlining the tactics abusers use on victims of domestic violence.




It didn't take overnight to learn these behaviors, therefore it will take time to challenge the idea of learning healthier ways of communicating.


Why is there a no drop policy in regards to domestic crimes in our county?

Domestic Violence is a crime like another other crime and has horrible effects on families and communities. In the state of NC, there is a no drop policy in regards to Domestic Violence Charges in Forsyth County, however counties across the state may apply this policy how they see fit.

Why is there a cost for fees?

We try our best to keep our fees as reasonable as possible, with that we charge for services in order to be able to cover our cost of providing quality staff members. We also use our resources to support nonprofit organizations in the community use focus is to keep families and communities safe.

Why can't you do couples counseling in place of group counseling?

It is the policy of the North Carolina department of Administration Council for women, that anyone ordered to an abuser treatment program may not take couples counseling in place of psycho-educational classes. It is also our position that if there were already a healthy relationship established, more than likely, there perhaps would not have been a need for the authorities to get involved.

Sometimes everyone needs there own time and space to learn healthy ways of communicating in relationships and with their children. The sad part of that is there are a large number of adults have never had a positive and healthy relationship to model after. The good news is that violence is a learned behavior therefore it can be unlearned! In other words, no one was born to be violent!