The COOL Program - Domestic Violence Intervention

Creating Opportunities for Others to Learn

"The man who strikes first admits that his ideas have given out" - Chinese Proverb"


Our Cool Program "Creating Opportunities for Others to Learn", is a state-certified, psycho-educational program that addresses issues of abuse and control in relationships.

NC DOA Abuser Treatment/Batterer Intervention Program (full listing)

The official name of the program is called "COOL" which stand for "Creating Opportunities for Others to Learn". The COOL Program is available for English and Spanish speaking male and female clients. The program is conducted in a group setting using a state approved curriculum and attempts to accomplish the following:

  • Confront the abuser as to his/her level of responsibility for the abuse
  • Address underlying attitudes that support abuse
  • Examine and change beliefs about relationships
  • Teach non-violent ways of dealing with interpersonal conflict
  • Shows how violence effects children and families

Violence Accountability

Violence is not a solution to conflict. It is a major health problem with large financial and intangible costs for which abuser(s) must be held accountable. In order to hold abusers accountable, society must:

  • Provide a strong legal and judicial response.
  • Require abusers to participate in professional treatment for their abusive behavior, and substance abuse, if needed. Treatment increases chances that the abuser will learn new attitudes and new ways to resolve conflict.
  • Expect clients to understand that paying program fees is not only their responsibility, but fees help to underwrite costs of providing victims with free or low-cost services such as shelter, counseling, support groups, and court advocacy.
  • Clients can be court ordered, referred or attend voluntarily.

Program Objective

Intimate Partner Violence Prevention Program consists of 26 weekly group sessions. It has a variety of focus areas, including:

  • Accepting responsibility for actions
  • Understanding various forms of abuse
  • Understanding anger management principles
  • Understanding dynamics of abuse
  • Learning skills for coping with stress
  • Learning conflict resolution skills
  • Learning effective communication techniques
  • Challenging beliefs that condone abuse


Why is the program 26 weeks?

It didn't take over night to learn these behaviors, therefore it will take times challenge the idea of learning healthier ways of communicating.

What is the difference between anger management and domestic violence?

Anger is an emotion, domestic violence is about power and control.

Why is there a no drop policy in regards to domestic crimes in our county?

Domestic Violence is a crime like another other crime and has horrible effects on families and communities. In the state of NC, there is a no drop policy in regards to Domestic Violence Charges in Forsyth County, however counties across the state may apply this policy how they see fit.

Why is there a cost for fees?

We try our best to keep our fees as reasonable as possible, with that we charge for services in order to be able to cover our cost of providing quality staff members. We also use our resources to support nonprofit organizations in the community use focus is to keep families and communities safe.

Why can't you do couples counseling in place of group counseling?

It is the policy of the North Carolina department of Administration Council for women, that anyone ordered to an abuser treatment program may not take couples counseling in place of psycho-educational classes. It is also our position that if there were already a healthy relationship established, more than likely, there perhaps would not have been a need for the authorities to get involved.

Sometimes everyone needs there own time and space to learn healthy ways of communicating in relationships and with their children. The sad part of that is there are a large number of adults have never had a positive and healthy relationship to model after. The good news is that violence is a learned behavior therefore it can be unlearned! In other words, no one was born to be violent!


Fee Schedule

*Due to COVID, we have reduced our fees so that clients who have lost
their jobs or income due to COVID-19. Please contact our office for
more details. *

Intake Fee $25.00
Class session $10.00 per class

*Prices subject to change*



TUESDAY 6:00pm to 7:30pm



SATURDAY 11:00am to 12:30pm


12:00PM to 1:30pm

5:30PM to 7:00PM

9:30AM to 11:00am



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