Latest Updates from CIESS

As of 6/01/2021

washing hands

For current clients, we will operate as normally within the safety instructions that has been given by our office.

COVID Response Update as of 6/28/2020

        ***We now are offering some classes and services online!!!!!**

  We have continued to keep our normal operating hours for our clients with the exception of some that are taking their service via Thera-Link. We also have many of our court ordered classes online due to COVID-19 and offer this for clients who do not wish to come to office at this time. You must contact our office first if you choose to do any of the online courses. 

If you are visiting our offices, you are required to wear a mask which can be provided. We are also requiring current clients to take a temp check at the door each time they are participating in groups. We are requiring every visitor to stay 6 feet apart as marked in the office and in the group rooms which have been marked.

We of course still advise our clients that if you are sick OR have been around someone that has had contact with the virus OR have been in any countries affected prior to this notice to seek medical advice immediately and of course, don’t report to the office. We are closely monitoring the COVID updates and will update accordingly.

For current clients, we will operate with safety instructions that have been given to you by our office. If you are unsure, you may contact us 24 hours a day at (336) 776-0322.

If you are a victim of domestic violence and are in danger, please contact 911.  For others that need information on other victim services you may contact our 24-hour victim line at (336) 865-0388 or in Spanish (336) 749-9840